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Can't get you out of my head!! Why won't you go away?

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June 24th, 2004

12:15 pm - accident prone
i think i am accident prone, for the second time in a week have i hurt my self. the first time was on last friday, when i rolled the pedal prix car and hurt my arm, i lay there for about 5 minutes before anyone helped me as everyone was just shocked because they couldnt believe i had only just got in and stacked it. the second time was last night at netball training when it was raining and we were playing a game and i fell over and landed on my palms and my knees. Ouch! i dont have a formal partner anymore as his formal is the next day and he has got back together with his girlfriend and it is inconvinent. Oh well, i will just find someone else, or ask adrian to go. I have been thinking about learning a language like french or italian, i would love to travel to those places and maybe travel the UK and europe. Maybe ill try to learn an instrument like the piano or the guitar maybe, we will see. It is strange sometimes you dont notice the obvious things about sometimes but u notice the less obvious for example, my friends have notice that i have a love of chocolate and going to the canteen. I do have chocolate alot, my excuse for this is it makes me happy as it releases endorphins and who doesnt wanna be happy. I do though only go the canteen about once a week not everyday like everyone says i do. Its not true i tell ya its not true. I want it to be holidays already so i can sleep in. i havent had a decent sleep in ages coz i have to work weekend mornings. Friday night should be fun, im going to sam's house and she is cooking us tea and we are watching movies i am also going on my first driving lesson. FUN! Who is gonna gop to that concert in the barossa with koolism, dissociatives, grinspoon and eskimo joe. i think it would heaps wicked and convinent to go and who wouldnt have a good time. Also, their is that heat underage nightclub in tanunda if anyone wants to go. I need to get out more. Bubi 4 now
L F Kelly
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: tomorrow - lillix

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June 10th, 2004

01:15 pm - i love choc
i cant remember the last time i wrote an entry im always to busy looking at what everyone else has written. it is lunch time and my saladas are soggy:( im not happy. im surprised i actually had an orange for recess something healthy for a change. As most people know i have a fetish for chocolate, you could say im a chocoholic, its one of the best things in the world, mmmm chocolate. im about to have my fix, my bro is gonna go get sum for me. why is it that whenever u get assignments for school u get them all at the same time and they expect them to be handed up on the due date not possible. well not for me anyways. cant wait to go watch the movies next weekend, harry potter and shrek 2 here we come!! i hope sam can come with me coz i havent been in ages. For the first time in ages the other day my whole entire family, the 6 of us were all sick it was quite funny, mum had a headache, dad toothache sis stomachache and me and my bros have colds. i wish mine would go away i dont like feeling miserable. i dont have to play netball this weekend im cheering, but i have to work saturday night so that sucks. working every weekend is a drag but i may be goin to a movie night to catch up with friends so that should be kool.

til next time byez!!

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June 5th, 2004

12:10 pm
worked last night! how exciting, i just looked at my last entry and thought oh god why did i write that. Thanks Sam for helping me make sense of it all. I am starting to like this journal thing, it gives u an insight to other sides of ur friends and what they really think and feel. Eryn, u will definitely be great at what ever career u choose you have the ability to go really far and your photography is so impressive, good luck with whatever you choose ill support u either way because i know you can do it. Gemma, i love your humor, i don't think you know how funny and influential you are. Richanda, your so bubbly and make me wanna smile all the time, your so good natured and Sam, i love the fact that your open even though we havent known each other very long i appreciate it. I want you girls to know that i love the fact that ur all individuals and so creative i wish i could possess some of ur talents.

Oh im being my advice self again, but i like it i guess its who i am. Well i have to play netball later on i really dont feel like it, i still feel sick. the i have to work again but this time in the hotel kitchen. I am currwntly listening to launch.yahoo.com its a music site and the song im listening to is the reason by hoobastank. I am addicted to it, dont know why. Oh my gosh do u know what the best type of pizza is, its vegetarian with chicken bacon and other stuff it is absolutely delicious.

i have to go to my family reunion tomorrow, it should be fun catching up with relatives, i actually know most of them, we have a really big family. the part I'm not looking forward to is oh you have grown so much or u look so much like my mum, i know i do but hello i haven't grown in like the last five years. I am just about the shortest person i know I'm only 5 ft but proud of it. I never used to be, i saw it as a drawback, but it does have its advantages, I am just about satisfied with the way i look finally.

I think ive just about figured out what i want to do next year or for the rest of my life, i was thing of becoming a child care worker or if my TER score at the end of yr 12 is good enough i may think of becoming a features writer for like magazines and then maybe i could eventually become an editor. Well see what the future holds. I cant wait to get on with my life, have kids, get married, have a career, house and maybe a cat or dog. I will miss my friends though, i know that much. Until next time byez!
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: In the shadows by The Rasmus

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June 2nd, 2004

01:35 pm - I want to know
My first journal entry, my life has been strange lately, at times ive felt utterly useless and then the next moment im the person one of my friends can depend on to help them with their troubles, it makes me feel sepcial that i have the ability to do that. It happened the other day and i just hope that every thing worked out alrite, i havent had a chance to catch up with them. At the moment, i wish i had something that could help me, i am at the point where i dont know where im headed or what i want out of life. i know i want love and a career and all those things but i wish i had them figured out now so i can get on with my life and live it. So ya's know, i dont have a boyfriend or someone i could call my own, it doesnt particular worry me, i can live without, if it's gonna happen it'll happen, plenty of time to worry bout things like that. well, i have to go finish a bio prac ill catch up with yas later byez! MUAH!!!!

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